Drahla – Silk Spirit

Dark and foreboding, Drahla deliver the exceptional ‘Silk Spirit’, firmly cementing their place as one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now. The Leeds band take the disharmony of post-punk, teetering on the edge of crushing noise, whilst Luciel Brown’s deadpan vocals provide a centre of calm for the agitated guitars.

Wesley Gonzalez – Not That Kind Of Guy

Ex-Let’s Wrestle frontman Wesley Gonzalez’s debut album Excellent Musician is probably one of my favourite albums from this year. Combine the Dexy’s Midnight Runners-esque ‘Not That Kind Of Guy’ with this new video that features hoverboards and fidget spinners, and there was literally no way that the track wasn’t featuring on my favourites from this week.

No Violet – America

Containing their raucous, blistering live sound is no easy feat, but Bristol grunge band No Violet have done it, sounding the most potent they have yet. With shifting tempos, bursts of noise, and a video featuring an alien, prepared to be on the edge of your seat for the whole song.
Watch the video here

SOPHIE – It’s Okay To Cry

PC Music’s SOPHIE is back, but with a track unlike anything we’ve heard from her before. Instead of the full blown hyper-pop of her previous releases, ‘It’s Ok To Cry’ is a tender, intimate song. Her signature piano stabs and twinkling synths lurk in the background however, exploding out into madness only in the last few seconds.

The Orielles – Let Your Dogtooth Grow

Compared to the funk-filled previous singles, ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’ is easily the most dreamy song that we have yet to hear from Halifax three-piece The Orielles. A tribute to Yorgos Lanthimos’ 2009 film Dogtooth, the washed out guitars suddenly give way to squelching synths and a psychy guitar line half way through, before bursting bursting back into the earworm of a chorus.

SCALPING – Tunnelvision

The second taste of Bristol’s genre-straddling audio-visual outfit SCALPING. Capturing the band’s buzzing, shifting mix of techno, post-rock guitars and tribal drumming in this new live video, ‘Tunnelvision’ is an intense listen. The mesmerising visuals take the song to another level, and perfectly captures the entrancing, physical nature of their live performances.

Peluché – Scared After All (Touch My Body)

A slow building tropical jam, this new one from Peluché will have you hypnotised. The track slowly swells, the metronomic percussion syncing with the bassline, as guitars drift in and out. A beautifully rhythmic new cut from the band.

Only Girl – Stone

A crisp, warm vinyl sample greets you on this new track from London’s Only Girl, but though the vintage soul influences are clear, this is a wonderfully modern R&B song. Sparsely instrumented, her voice soars, sounding both powerful and vulnerable, taking u spaces the twinkling piano vacates.

Yung Lean – Skimask

The most recognisably Yung Lean song that we’ve heard from his new project so far – if you can call anything he does recognisable. Over a sparse, dry beat, the relative lack of auto-tune, reverb or any other effects puts Lean right to the front. He mixes images of him pulling up to a club with his usual jarring pop-culture references, creating the nearest thing to a banger that we may ever hear from the Swedish rapper.

Spice Boys – Spice City Boys

An explosive, addictive first cut from new PNKSLM signing Spice Boys. Bubbling guitars meet with trashy, out of control punk songwriting, creating a a lo-fi dream. It’s energy and ferociousness will leave you out of breath.

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