WooOOoOOoOooOOooOOOoOOooOOOooOO!!!! Welcome to this week’s spooky edition of tracks of the week, Bristol Live Magazine’s version of Treehouse of Horror if you will. So strap yourself in an get ready to be scared shitless by how good the tracks are that we’ve picked out this week:

Ho99o9 – Neighbourhood Watch

Back in time for halloween, is everyone’s favourite punk-rap duo Ho99o9, with the crushing darkness of ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. Slow and oppressive, the track’s bass takes centre-stage, whilst theOGM and Eaddy trade verses, half-rapping, half-snarling (like a werewolf, spooky!)

Porches – Find Me

A step forward towards pop perfection from Porches. The first taste we’ve had of the lo-fi synth-pop artist was soft, inmate number, but ‘Find Me’ is completely different. From the off, you’re hit with a punching kick drum and bouncing synths, whilst his voice drifts over the top, ethereal and ghostly. The kind of song that should be played on every night out (also, with his new blonde hair, from a distance, he could be mistaken for a ghost, supernatural!)

Thee MVPs – Sesh

Not the usual 100mph garage-rock thrash that Thee MVPs have thrown at us so far, ‘Sesh’ is instead dark, sludgy and shimmering (like the Thing from the Black Lagoon, creepy!) It’s guitars drag, and the reverb gives the track an almost-post-punk feel. It displays a new side to the four-piece, and one that I hope they continue to explore.

ShitKid – Favourite Thing

Ethereal, dark and unsettling, this new track by Sweden’s ShitKid is a far cry from the fuzzy bedroom rock she created on her last album Fish. The single chugging bassline is pretty much the only instrumentation that accompanies her unhinged vocals, but the track is an entrancing listen (like how a witch and/or wizard would entrance you, frightening!)

Will Joseph Cook – Fish

A surreal, weird, understated piece of pop from off new EP ‘If You Want To Make Money’. I have yet to hear any other pop song theorise about what being a fish would be like so poetically and beautifully. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pop song theorising about being a fish. No word yet exactly which fish Will would like to be specifically, but I expect the question to be fully answered soon (maybe he want’s to be Bruce, the shark from Jaws, the spOooOokiest fish of them all, worrying!)

Goat Girl – Cracker Drool

South London post-punks Goat Girl deliver us their latest dark dispatch. Accompanied by a fittingly bleak video, the bands mix of country twang, dead-pan vocals and unsettling lyrics combine brilliantly. Catch them as they make their exciting Bristol debut at Crofters Rights on the 11th November (that’s 11 days after Halloween, scary!)

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Well looks like Franz Ferdinand have finally cracked and just decided to go full disco. Like very full-on disco. The song starts with some sweet piano chords, but as it breaks free of this calm, with skittering hi-hats and pulsating electronics, the rhythm hits hard. A welcome return for Scottish disco-punks (not a return from the dead though luckily, terrifying!)

Strange Hellos – Gold For The Golden

A spacey, echo-dripping dream-pop number form Norway’s Strange Hellos. Their debut album surfaced on Friday, but this track, released early last week, has to be one of its best tracks. Infectious and blissful, it is the perfect song to lose yourself in (like a dark castle, on a cold, wet night, chilling!)

Hovvdy – Petal

‘Petal’ feels like an old friend draping a blanket around your shoulders, it’s comfy, warming and safe. The duo bring the same soft yet glittering sound that defined their last album Taster, but this time sounding more confident and with clearer sounds. An intimate, beautiful, encompassing listen (there’s nothing really very scary about this song, it’s just very lovely, cobwebs!)

Thank you for putting up with the special Halloween edition of Tracks of the Week, normal service will resume next week.