Due to being away on a super fun work conference (kill me), this week’s best tracks have been collated with the help of Ross Jones who is – among many, many other things – a contributor for Gold Flake Paint, editor-at-large for Wax Music and of course a writer for Bristol Live Magazine. Enjoy both our picks equally. I’ll go first:

Pinegrove – Intrepid

I’m pretty sure the greatest sentence in the English language goes as follows: Brand New Pinegrove Song. ‘Intrepid’, the first track we’ve heard from the New Jersey band since their breakout album Cardinal, does not disappoint. “Don’t let it get to you, you say, well I did” Evan Stephens Hall softly sings, with the band’s twinkling blend of country and emo pulling on your heartstrings as only they can.

Hookworms – Negative Space

A shifting, evolving, bold new step from Leeds band Hookworms. Pulsating electronics mix with glitching vocals, swelling organs and metronomic drums, blending into an intense psychedelica that grows and grows as the track builds.

Henry Green – Stay Here

Bristolian Henry Green impressed earlier this year in his debut EP ‘Real’ and went viral with his soft, pulsating cover of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’. ‘Stay Here’ builds further on this, with the sparse production swelling and growing as his delicate voice dances on top. As layers reveal themselves or grow, the song truly submerges you.

Treeboy & Arc – White

This second single we’ve heard from Leeds four-piece Treeboy & Arc is a full throttle mix of gut rattling post-punk bass and garage rock fuzz. Recalling bands like Eagulls and Abattoir Blues, the song is a visceral, snarling beast, never letting go till it finally fades away into feedback.

Allergy Kid & Ant Lavelle – Bittersweet (feat Harvey Causon)

A cool, calm and collected piece of crackling hiphop from Allergy Kid and & Ant Lavelle’s collaborative project. Echo-drenched piano and boom-bap style drums form a soft, smooth bed for Ant Lavelle’s acrobatic verses, with Bristol’s Harvey Causon pulling everything together on the hook.


Boy Azooga – Face Behind The Cigarette

An unavoidable dose of focused dance-punk, Boy Azooga return with the sultry ‘Face Behind The Cigarette’, their first since signing with Heavenly. It’s a deserved step in the right direction for Davey Newington, who channels his various tastes into a tight, funky dynamic. Theres a touch of psych pop here, a layer of synth-funk there, all showing off Newington’s talents as a songwriter and musician.

The Zephyr Bones – Telephone

The return of Barcelona’s excellent psych-pop group The Zephyr Bones is particularly exciting on evidence of this new track, a real notable progression as the group exhibit their poppy, experimental side while not losing any of their atmospheric penchants. ‘Telephone’ is of a weighty disposition, exploring seamless signatures whilst maintaining a luscious elegance to their playing style.

Pip Blom – School

Not hanging around in crafting a killer collection of hooky garage pop hits, Amsterdam-based Pip Blom shares another sharp cut, this from a AA-side single out with Nice Swan. It’s a two-minute snarl, nihilistic in theme and sound as Pip lingers over a worming hook that is unambiguous in its craft. It’s an unstirred take on teenage malaise, and does everything right to wake us up from it.

Chemtrails – A Killer or A Punchline

The first taste of their anticipated first full-length ‘Calf of The Sacred Cow’ with PNKSLM, Chemtrails explore the anxiety of growing up and the world being a little scarier than it should be. Retaining their knack for tracking a mighty hook within layers of instrumentation and still keeping it succinct, allowing for the vocals to ring with priority while keeping a level of lo-fi warmth.

Oro Swimming Hour – Fifty

Taken from Art Is Hard’s new 7×7″ that was released on Friday, Oliver and Nicholas return with another gem, finding an uncompromising balance between subtlety and drive. Hanging around just long enough to persist, its a sweet embodiment of the duo’s gracious record.