Hope you’re ready for another week of our favourite new tracks, because I sure am. Anyway here they are:

Miguel – Told You So

Another taste of Miguel’s new project, though one that is wildly different from his previous single ‘Shock and Awe’. Glitching but funky, ‘Told You So’’s production sounds like the kind of thing Michael Jackson would be using if he were still alive. It’s forward thinking, but with roots in classic funk, and gives the space for Miguel to deliver his signature sultry vocals.

Leeches – Bob Ross (Live)

After their brilliant debut EP, as well as their raucous live shows, we here at Bristol Live have been looking forward to another taste of Bournemouth’s Leeches, and in this 10 minute long live cut, we have been blessed with a big old gulp. ‘Bob Ross’ mixes heavy, crunching riffs with with moments of psychedic peace, never staying in one place. The song shows a more expansive – but no less catchy – side to the band.

Pussy Riot – Police State

Russian punk band Pussy Riot return with a shimmering, pulsating piece of pop. Yup, big, atmospheric pop. Their message is no less sharp, but in harnessing more contemporary sounds, Pussy Riot could be one of the few acts that could take a stab at the mainstream, whilst still retaining a deeply politicised messaged.

Sam Pink and Be Softly – No Way to Defeat It but Jump In / No Way to Help It but Let It Die

Members of the same collective that make up Bristol’s Poisonous Birds have joined forces with US spoken word artist Sam Pink, to create this dark, atmospheric mix of poetry and post-rock. The intricate, hypnotic guitar lays a bed for Sam’s blend of darkness and declarations of love. Dramatic, cinematic and hypnotising, the track is an intriguing step forward for Be Softly.

Sigrid – Strangers

When ‘Strangers’ begins, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Norwegian pop-star Sigrid was treating us to a cool, glittering ballad. This could not be further from the truth. Setting aside the chiming keys of the intro, ‘Strangers’ rides high on a pulsating bassline that, coupled with Sigrid’s addictive vocal line, means the track slaps very hard. Expertly executed pop.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – Swim Deep

As well as having possibly the best band name ever, Swedish band Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes also make great tunes. New single ‘Swim Deep’ very much proves that, with its dark, atmospheric take on guitar music. Pounding drums hammer away, whilst beautifully light, mesmerising vocals pull you in, submerging you in the band’s sound.

Drahla – Form of Luxury

Leed’s trio Drahla have revealed another cut from their new EP ‘Third Article’, this time in the guise of the claustrophobic ‘Form of Luxury’. The wirey guitars feel like they’re flossing your brain, whilst a menacing bassline sits in the background. The band drag the tempo up and down again, the calm vocals becoming the eye of the tornado in this stunning piece of post-punk.

Flamingods – Hyperborea (Part 1 & 2)

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you’ve heard Flamingods’ ‘Hyperborea’ before, you would be very correct; the track first appeared on the band’s album of the same name in 2014. However, to cap a year of incredible shows for the band, they have decided to re-record and expand the song in order to capture the full majesty of the live version they now play. A wash of rhythms and sounds, the track is a slow building psychedelic dream.

Yours Are the Only Ears – Saturn

A beautifully personal and calming new song from Yours Are the Only Ears, a project by Susannah Cutler. Simply strummed guitars, drums and softly humming keys are the only instrumentation in this sparse cut that rarely has Susannah raising her voice above a whisper.

Check back for more of our favourite tracks next week.