I hope that you have got an your own calendar, but if you don’t, why not listen to one track from this list every day as a substitute. There you go! Enjoy:

Mint Field – Ojos En El Carro

Tijuana-based duo Mint Field have shared the first single from their upcoming debut album Ojos En El Carro. The song starts hypnotically atmospheric, with echo dripping off every instrument before, out of nowhere, the guitars crunch into action. Combined with the soft vocal, the song sounds like an even more celestial version of My Bloody Valentine, with the swirling noise of the guitars building into an impenetrable wall of sound.

ShitKid – Oh Me I’m Never

Sweden’s ShitKid is back with more of her uniquely brilliant take on garage rock. This new track thrives off its own simplicity, with barely any instrumentation – save drums and a pulsating bassline – leaving her snarling vocal to run-free.

Harvey Causon – Frisson (Gabriel Gifford Remix)

Bristol’s Harvey Causon has flourished right before our eyes this year, starting 2017 with his Introspect EP and now finishing with an intense, pulsating remix of his last single ‘Frisson’, plus the news that he will be performing at Maida Vale for BBC Introducing Bristol. From the whirring organ of the intro, Gabriel Gifford turns ‘Frisson’ into a darker beast altogether, with clanking percussion, and gut-shaking bass.

The Dolce Vita – Education Trip

A hypnotic psychedelic monolith from London’s The Dolce Vita, that we lovingly premiered on Friday. Their most relaxed song to date, ‘Education Trip’ takes you away on holiday, with a languid bassline and shimmering guitars bubbling away under Chris Jones’s vocal.

Sigrid – Strangers

One of this year’s breakout pop acts Sigrid has gifted us with an entrancing new video for ‘Strangers’. The song’s constantly changing, constantly moving feel is matched by the videos shifting behind-the-scenes TV set feel, and will get you excited for what Sigrid could do in 2018.

Marching Church – Christmas On Earth

‘Christmas On Earth’ seems like a lovely, heartwarming little number from Denmark’s Marching Church – surprising considering the messy post-punk of their last album. But wait; listen close. Yup, that’s right, it’s not a tale about a man taking his kids home for Christmas, but instead a dark, twisted story of him kidnapping them after losing custody. Merry Christmas!

Chemtrails – Watch Evil Grow

Fuzzy as hell, ‘Watch Evil Grow’ is a blissful piece of garage rock, with beautiful harmonies and gritty guitars, but it is not as simple as it may seem. Written about “how postmodernism has ripped the teeth out of the counterculture over the last 30 years”, its serious message and critique of culture is hidden behind the 50’s pop-stylings.

Show Me The Body – Talk

More visceral, grimey hardcore from NYC’s finest. Part of the band’s new EP ‘Challenge Coin’, the track is blistering and dark, with Julian Cashwan Pratt’s vocals swinging between squealing and husky as the band rally against ‘masculinity and capitalism’.

Spector – Untitled in D

London’s Spector are back with another painfully realistic, depressingly relatable piece of guitar pop. In between the lines about your Young Person’s Railcards expiring and not knowing how to call out the AA, there is a genuine melancholy, with lines like “Does your timeline make you tired” neatly summing up millennial experience.

DRAM – Silver Bells Feat Big Baby Mom

Of course. Of course DRAM, the most joy-filled rapper alive, has released a Christmas EP. Of course he has done a cover of one of the classiest Christmas songs, ‘Silver Bells’. Of course he’s only gone and got his mother to help him out on vocals. And, of course, it’s totally brilliant.

Check back next week for more of our favourite songs.