Take a break from your mince pie. Put down that yule log. Step away from the figgy pudding. Get listening to our favourite new songs instead:

China Bowls – The Way

Bristol’s China Bowls has been quietly building a following in the city with her smooth yet powerful mix of jazz and soul. ‘The Way’ switches from constraint to passionate bursts, her stunning vocals accompanied by twinkling pianos and melodic bass phrases. A beautiful, entrancing four and a half minutes of music.

Fenne Lily – For a While

We recently were treated to Fenne Lily’s first foray into a full band sound, and for the first half of ‘For a While’, it sounds like she has stripped back again right to the bare-bones. But as you get absorbed into the track, it grows, her delicate voice and guitar being underpinned by shimmering guitars, slowing swelling as her voice becomes more confident. Another song from Fenne that will make your hairs stand on end.

Sports Team – Beverly Rose

After being treated to the debut outing from London’s Sports Team a few weeks ago, a follow up single so soon is more than welcome. ‘Beverly Rose’ is different from the bristling post-punk of previous single ‘Stanton’ but still packs a big punch with it’s Blur-referencing sounds.

ThisIsDA – Atlantis

Another blisteringly good single from Bristol’s ThisIsDA. Over a shimmering, hypnotic beat, the rapper delivers another intensely personal and lyrically-deft song. “There’s a time and place, can it be right now?” he enquires over the echo-drenched beat, in this short, exciting snapshot of his mind.

SOPHIE – Ponyboy

After the (relative) calm and beauty that SOPHIE put forward in last track ‘It’s Ok to Cry’, you may be forgiven in thinking that the PC Music collective member had dropped the outlandish sounds of her peers. But no, on ‘Ponyboy’ they are back, and with a vengeance. Distorted bass punches the track, with scraping industrial sounds lashing out wildly, whilst the vocals swing from sweet to devilish. A brilliantly chaotic nightmare.

Fake Laugh – Kinda Girl

Fake Laugh’s self-titled debut album charmed us this year, with it’s hazy guitars, pining vocals and delicious hooks. ‘Kinda Girl’ was one of our favourites; a wistful, longing love song that shimmers and glides along on its chorus-laden guitars and Fake Laugh’s butter smooth vocal. Luckily there’s now an equally wonderful visual to go along with it.


Chaouche – Winter Wonderland

‘Tis the season to cover Christmas songs, and Bristol’s Chaouche has offered up her own ethereal cover of this Yuletide classic. Her beautiful voice swirls around the spacious track, whilst gentle strings echo in the distance. The calmness and sparseness of the track is wonderful, and listening to it feels like sitting alone in a peaceful pine forest.

Vundabar – Diver

A sludgy as hell offering from Boston duo Vundabar. The second track from their new record Smell Smoke, the track mixes slacker drawl with country twang, before collapsing into a gritty, thick chorus.

Ider – Body Love

Ider’s telepathic vocals never fail to mesmerise, but on ‘Body Love’ the duo take a different route to their usual pulsating pop. The track is instead a touching, piano led ballad, with their voices weaving in and out of the slowly cascading keys. Still as wonderful as the rest of the band’s output, it shows a different side to their songwriting.

Check back next week for more of our favourite new music.