Photo credit: Hollie Fernando

Get ready. Strap yourself in. It’s time. For our favourite tracks. Of the week:

Hookworms – Static Resistance

A wonderfully bright and punchy piece of psyche from Hookworms. More direct than previous single ‘Negative Space’, but no less enveloping, ‘Static Resistance’ uses a motorik bassline to propel the track forward, whilst swirling guitars and the pained refrain of “I ran from my feelings, I ran from the city” reveals the darkness behind the euphoric organs and beautiful harmonies. Another brilliant taste of their new album.

Soccer Mommy – Your Dog

One of our favourite artists from last year, Soccer Mommy stakes an early claim in 2018 with dark new single ‘Your Dog’. “I don’t want to be your fucking dog” she spits as the song’s opening line, setting the defiant tone for the rest of it. Her voice sounds tired and pissed off; the guitars both shimmer and bite, creating a piece of garage-rock both soft and angry. A brilliant start to the new year for Soccer Mommy.

Frankie Cosmos – Jesse

The world has been missing Frankie Cosmos’ beautifully confessional songs. ‘Jesse’ starts calm, just Frankie and her almost whispered vocals. Her lament is soon joined by crashing cymbals and driving guitar, both of which threaten to over-power her hushed vocal, but she holds out, sighing “Oh to be the heart of the scenery, oh to be filled with apathy”.

Car Seat Headrest – Nervous Young Inhumans

Will Toledo comes back with another new version of an old song, this time from 2011 album Twin Fantasy. In fact, Toledo has announced that he will be re-releasing an updated version of the whole album this year, an album that he never felt was fully finished. ‘Nervous Young Humans’ is one of his punchier songs, featuring a haywire, but melancholic guitar line, that underpins his deadpanned vocals.

Bedbug – lilies

Yet more beautifully intimate, charming bedroom pop from Bedbug. With the conversational lyrics, and angsty tone, Bedbug still feels less like a music project, and more like a diary; cathartic, raw and uncensored. The vocals are barely audible, but the sparse instrumentation still allows the listener to get a peek into the songwriter’s head.

Maya Law – Full Circle (feat. Deacon and Gabriel Gifford)

Over a skittering, jazz-infused beat, Norwich native Maya Law delivers a calming, soulful piece of R&B. She trades smooth vocals with rapper Deacon, whilst Bristol’s Gabriel Gifford drops twinkling piano samples as part of the track’s foundation. Perfect for a sun-dappled day, ‘Full Circle’ will take you away to somewhere much calmer.

Cagework and Slonk – Utter Con/Tin Foil

Two forces of punk-tinged bedroom pop combine for a wonderful split single. Both play on both tracks, with the first written by Cagework and the second by Slonk. ‘Utter Con’ is a riot; full of yelped vocals and stinging slacker-rock guitars. ‘Tin Foil’ is the polar opposite; a downbeat, introverted piece of guitar-pop. A perfect pairing, more from both as a duo is an exciting proposition.

Yawwn – Partisan

London band Yawwn treat us to their shimmering, funk-filled debut single ‘Partisan’. With cutting guitar bursts, glitching electronics and a thumping bassline, the track will quickly have you dancing to its groove, whilst the chorus will stick in your head for days. With songs this catchy and joyous, I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from Yawwn.

Shopping – Wild Child

New-wave tinged, disco punk from three-piece Shopping. With an infectiously repetitive bassline, and incredibly 80’s synths, ‘Wild Child’ was never going to be anything less than a riot.

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