Image by Jenna Ledger

New music is exciting isn’t it? Be prepared to get very excited. Here’s some new music:

Ought – Disgraced in America

Another new taste of Ought’s upcoming album. The song’s seemingly sunny misdemeanour is undermined by Tim Darcy’s lyrics painting a picture of monotony and flashes of the song descends via a crashing drum rise, Darcy is heard sighing “Demarcation wears me thin”. The energy is sapped from the guitars, their bright shiny tones from the beginning replaced with stabs of distortion and whining feedback. ‘Disgraced in America’ is the kind hypnotic journey that Ought specialise in.

Nervous Conditions – The President

Dark, shifting post-punk from London eight-piece Nervous Conditions. With a blaring horn section taking centre stage and twanging guitar lines hiding just below the surface, the band put their very own spin on the post-punk sounds coming out of London at the moment. The track crescendos at the end, every instrument overwhelming, whilst the guttural vocals scream out.

Drake – God’s Plan/Diplomatic Immunity

NEW DRAKE NEW DRAKE. Toronto’s finest surprise dropped two new new songs this weekend. The first is pretty standard Drizzy at this stage of his career; half-sung, half-rapped over a minimal beat but with some Migos-style adlibs thrown in for good measure. ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ shows a different side, with Drake flexing his lyrical chops over a grand-sounding, almost Kanye-esque looped beat.

Preoccupations – Espionage

Canadian four-piece Preoccupations return with this blistering newie that sounds like – and bear with me here – early Spandau Ballet. The track opens with an echoing, industrial drum beat, before ice-cold synths wash into focus. Dark and energetic, ‘Espionage’ is Preoccupations at their most urgent.

Hovvdy – In the Sun

And relax. Hovvdy have got you now. Lightly strummed guitars and soft flute-style melody open the track, setting the tone immediately for this wonderfully intimate number. The song drifts along at a beautifully relaxing pace, so just close your eyes and enjoy it.

The Spook School – Body

Colourful pop-punk from The Spook School offering a friendly reminder that you look great. The band’s usual blend of bright guitars, charming gang vocals and relentless energy combine with the song’s message of body positivity, creating an infectiously catchy tune. The band’s new album Could It Be Different is out this week.

Hinds – New For You

Spanish garage-rock four-piece Hinds have announced their second album with this new single and video. The band returns with their sunshine guitars, but there’s a melancholy that lies just beneath the track’s surface, with the band confessing via the gang-vocals in the chorus “I want to be somebody new for you”.

Hockey Dad – I Wanna Be Everybody

Some fun, angsty surf-punk from Hockey Dad. From their upcoming record, the song’s fuzzy guitars and crashing drums underscore singer Zac Stephenson’s uncomfortable feeling of being at a party and feeling self-conscious in his own skin. Reflective, but still catchy as hell, the song jitters along before crashing into the huge ear-work of a chorus.

Anna McClellan – Flailing Orbits

A wonderfully open performance by Anna McClellan. When juxtaposed with the lush music surrounding her, Anna’s vocal’s seem tired, past the point of caring, but it is exactly this that makes the song so brilliant. Short and bitter, the track is not even two minutes long, but carries so much in its lyrics that repeated listens will only serve to drag up more gems.

Check back next week for more great new music.