9th June | Exchange & Stag and Hounds

Over the last year, Gravy Train have cemented themselves as a staple and singular promoter within Bristol’s growing independent community, foregoing a particular focus on genre for more enigmatic and engaging curation, with increasing success. It’s quite suitable then that the promotion should stage their first all-day event, affording them the chance to showcase their broad tastes. Triptych, taking place within The Exchange and The Stag and Hounds for the day, will welcome some of the more intriguing acts coming out of the capital and beyond, while showcasing some of Bristol’s most exciting prospects.

What’s most exciting about the event is its desire to compel from the get-go with its very appealing lower bill. The Starlight Magic Hour, Crewel Intentions and Bo Gritz, some of London and Salford’s excelling and consistently hard-working bands all play before 8pm, while Bristol’s brooding provocateurs, Jesuits open the main stage at The Exchange to suitably electrify an emerging crowd. EBU bring their inscrutable and utterly arresting performance to the intimate surroundings of the upstairs room of the Stag and Hounds, while Repo Man will tear and shred with stark anguish amongst the beer dwellers downstairs in the bar.

Later on in the evening, Bristol’s most visceral emerge in the night, filling the space with incomprehensible noise and a hypnotic ambience. MXLX and Silver Waves indulge in their heavily influential, industrial soundscapes alongside Sheffield’s psychedelic doom heavyweights Baba Naga, while the gloomy krautrock of Autobahn will overwhelm The Exchange in a truly enveloping way. Spectres and Scalping perhaps offer the most intuitive and forthright sets of the day and cannot be missed, both groups performing at their rawest and perhaps highest standard yet.

A really compelling day of fervent live music, Triptych will showcase just what is so absorbing about Gravy Train and their dedication and passion for eclectic music.

See Scalping play ‘Conduit’ here: