6th April | Hy-Brasil

Undeniably dedicated, collaboratively creative and ever imaginative, Tugboat Captain will be anchoring their electronic orchestral pop in Bristol on Saturday 6th at Hy-Brasil. Relentlessly touring, this particular cruise brings us their Be Strong Tour, following their most recent single release, ‘Be Strong, Smoke Less.’

While the ship’s crew is a lighter load of four, the smaller band is producing a thick and full sound. All dipping into songwriting duties across their records, their latest single is a reflection on a conversation between principal songwriter, Alexander Sokolow, and his mother. The track is a combination of wistful, soft vocals, realistic life contemplations, upbeat bouncing rhythms and smooth strings. Giving modern Beatles vibes with delicious male and female vocals, this is one boat ride you don’t want to miss.

They have produced all of their own music videos and recorded a considerable amount of their works from the comfort of their own living room. Wanting to steer away from the DIY label, their creative control ethos believes in producing quality records without costly studio sessions. Reputably raucous on stage, with the occasional unveiling of clothed body parts, the set is expected to be energetic and entertaining. With that in mind, I have taken it upon myself to bring my mum. And you should do the same.

See the video for ‘The Distance’ here: