Turnover + Claws @ The Exchange, 15.01.16.

Selling out your first headline tour in a foreign country is pretty big news. Run for Cover records’ Turnover have done just that and tonight, their second show, is brimming with expectant teenagers, clasping onto their black hoodies and re-applying eyeliner in the toilets. Their recent record ‘Peripheral Vision’ was a step in a new direction for the Virginia Beach based four-piece but was rightfully received as one of the best albums of 2015 – full of eager, attentive lyricism, catchy yet original structures and sing-a-long worthy choruses in just about every song.

Support for the tour comes from Norwich’s CLAWS – a surf-indie-pop outfit who produce a welcome warmth during this never-ending month. Their songs quickly win over a reluctant crowd, with songs ‘To Be A Goth’ and ‘Tango Hotel’ showcasing a knack for kick-ass melodies and irresistible vocal hooks. Recent single ‘Bad Luck’ is a stand-out effort, with the band exploring slower tempos but with an ever-present intensity that ensures even the cool kids take notice. It’s a set that promises a bright future for the band; one that’ll see them headlining their own tour in no time.

By the time Turnover appear, the room is packed full of die-hard fans – die-hard in the sense that every single word is sung back at lead vocalist Austin with such passion, you can’t help but feel a pang of adolescent obsession. As we get a little older, it’s all too easy to rub your chin and nod along to a few tunes, careful not to spill your G&T and ready to impress your buds with your knowledge of said band’s selective B-sides but this is a show that reignites that excitement – the kind of excitement where you lose your ability to notice anyone around you, a fervent focus on the band you’ve been waiting all year to see, a band you never thought would make it over to your shores.

They play with a careful precision, with a set packed full of selective choices from ‘Peripheral Vision;’ the songs receiving a louder and louder response one-after-the-other. By the time we reach the half-way point, there’s crowd-surfers, pals climbing onto each others shoulders and a performance worthy of a much bigger venue. It feels like tonight, we’re witnessing something special – a show that, in a few years’ time, you’ll be able to boast “Yep, I was there.”

Check out ‘New Scream’ right here: