Twisted Ankle // Photoset

30th March | Crofters Rights

You can’t beat a bit of Twisted Ankle. And if you can’t beat ’em, you ought to join ’em. Brought to the Crofters Rights by the inestimable benevolence of Breakfast Records, everyone’s favourite sprain-related shouty men entertained with their sardonic, sandpaper wit and their sludgy, sledgehammery noise-punk.

With a bassline that could have been picked up in Keynsham and observational home truths about how rancid humans can potentially be that ought to have been picked up as useful life coaching (on how not to turn out to be a complete knob), listening to Twisted Ankle is like going wild swimming. It feels decidedly uncomfortable for the first ninety seconds, whilst taking your breath away. Then you assimilate to it and enjoy yourself, followed by an aftermath of exhilaration. Jess Greenwood took this photoset for us.

See the video for ‘Cilla Black’ here: