30th March | Crofters Rights

Only a weapons-grade knobhead would try to persuade you that an actual twisted ankle is a good thing. That would be taking modern mindfulness approaches a little too far – trying to appreciate the spreading feeling of warmth just after the sinewy crunchy sound when you fell off the kerb after a hurried mis-step, or some form of on-the-move smartphone-reading dumbass pratfall.

But only a similarly weapons-grade oxygen thief would try to argue that all music ought to feel safe and comfortable. That’s treading much too far into Friday Chart Show territory. Cardiff’s Twisted Ankle know well that shit happens, and Twisted Ankle write about it in all its steaming brownness, but with the kind of honesty and wry humour that is more mindful in its own right. To borrow a phrase from Shaun Ryder, this band is much more likely to ‘twist your melons’ than any other part of you, literal or figurative.

On ‘My Favourite Shops’, singer Bruno León Chávez states with characteristic irony, “Oh no, look what I’ve become. I’m so awfully trendy.” Never awful and never at the risk of pandering to any trends, Twisted Ankle bring their scouring, invigorating noise punk to Crofters Rights on Saturday night, courtesy of the judicious promotions of Breakfast Records. Be there for weapons-grade fun.

Featured Image: James Robert Birtwhistle