Two Door Cinema Club Review + Photoset

7th February | O2 Academy

Photos: Mustafa Mirreh

It’s sometimes true what they say, about old songs being the best ones, and that sentiment was certainly true for Two Door Cinema Club’s electrifying show at Bristol’s O2 academy on Tuesday.

Warming up the night was the four piece soft rock band Anteros, fronted by the dazzling Laura Hayden, donned head to toe in sequins. Despite being the first support act of the night, the venue was packed and fans graciously bobbed along to the sultry to their electric guitar riffs and melancholy lyrics.

Up next was the spiritually named four piece from Reading known as Sundara Karma. In Buddhism Sundara means beautiful or and karma is the sum of a person’s actions so if the name is even implying the band have good karma, it certainly reflected in their high energy set and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. Tracks such as ‘Flame’ and ‘Deep Relief’ from their incredible debut album Youth is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect made me question whether they were the headliners, the support from the crowd was immense and it was so nice to see up and coming acts receiving the level of love they did.

As Sundara Karma exited the stage, a sea of people surged to the front ready and waiting for the much awaited headliners. A strange silence hung in the air just moments before Two Door Cinema Club burst onto the stage to the soundtrack of Zombie Nation’s instantly recognisable club anthem, ‘Kernkraft 400’. After 10 explosive seconds of this 90’s floor filler, TDCC broke into more familiar territory with ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre’ and it suddenly struck me, this song is nearly 10 years old!

Next up was a series of absolute bangers, some tracks I’d completely forgotten but true anthems nonetheless. The punchy ‘Undercover Martyn’ was a highlight for me, it is without a doubt one of my favourite tracks from debut album Tourist History and seeing it performed live after so long was very satisfying. It was followed by the incredibly catchy and equally as good, ‘Do You Want It All’, ‘This Is The Life’, and ‘Bad Decisions’ – the first song of the night from new album Gameshow.

The new album shone a more funky, electronica light on the three piece and provided a much needed break from the old but gold classics. Whilst there’s nothing better than hearing an entire crowd sing along so religiously they could almost be singing a hymn, it’s always nice to hear fresh songs you just know you’re gonna grow to love. Maybe when their 4th album comes out these will be the songs we all wanna hear…

This is the second time Two Door Cinema Club have played in Bristol, the first time was at Thekla after their Beacons tour, but the band assured everyone that it was good to be back. Lead singer Alex Trimble said “Is is genuinely a real big fucking pleasure to be back in Bristol. It’s also such a pleasure to bring such awesome bands on tour with and we’re very sad to say it’s our last night with Anteros. It’s been a pleasure, thank you for playing with us”. Heartfelt, genuine and to the point, the group do know how to please the crowd. It was also so nice to hear a band, genuinely so supportive of their support acts who seemed to admire TDCC as much as they do.

After an extensive 19 track set, Two Door Cinema club closed the night with arguably their most well known song, ‘What You Know’ and as the band exited the stage, the room broke into a chorus of whoops and cheers which lasted a good 5 minutes. It was one of the better shows i’ve seen at the O2 Academy for 3 reasons. The support bands were varied and very very good, TDCC played the tracks fans wanted to hear, not just what they wanted to play and they bounced off the audience with unprecedented synchronicity.

Check out most recent single ‘Bad Decisions’ below.