June 8th | Trinity Centre

Tycho, the musical endeavor of San Fransisco-based artist and musician Scott Hansen, began as an introspective, cosmic and lo-fi sound created by one musician exploring the possibilities within blending ambient instrumentals and electronic beats.

As Hansen incorporated more members into the group during the recording process and live performances, the goal became blending instrumentation seamlessly with their electronic elements to create more complex rhythms and engaging melodies.

While early albums are more ambient and airy, focusing on grand soundscapes, merging futuristic synth and tugging at your heartstrings, their most recent, 2016 album, Epoch, was released in the now common, surprise and unannounced format. Epoch quickly gained critical approval, culminating in a grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic album.

The album continues the pattern of Tycho’s thematic progression to be more up tempo and instrumental than its predecessors, Awake and Dive. While it still retains trippy, futuristic nostalgia ambience elements, Tycho slightly veer away from evoking the same grandiosity of previous albums and give way to music that’s more technical and dance influenced – testing their desire to create an engaging experience with a traditionally passive sound.

Check out ‘Horizon’ below.