Photo: Albert Testani

Trinity Centre | 08.06

In live performances, Tycho, the musical incarnation of San Fransisco-based artist and musician Scott Hansen (also known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works) takes the form of an electronic, indie four-piece hybrid that explores musical and personal connection with their brand of instrumental chillwave and dance music.

What could have easily been an evening of passive, ethereal crowd swaying sounded more like a cross between a bass-driven DJ set and a rock concert. Watching Tycho perform tracks from most recent album, Epoch, and 2014’s Awake was completely different to listening to the records. On the albums, the melodies feature synths, guitars and airy, electronic samples, but here, the bass and percussion are emphasised, reverberating through the listener.

As Hansen addressed the crowd late in the set, he expressed excitement around performing in Bristol, a city that helped found the drum n bass scene and that, without places like our city, there would be no Tycho. The influence of Bristol’s beloved genre is far more prevalent in Tycho’s live performance than on their records, much to the benefit of the set.

Lyrics may allow a songwriter to translate a track’s emotion into words, but as things drew to a close it was clear that sometimes shedding language benefits true artists like Tycho.

Check out ‘See’ below.