February 18th | Old England

The scuzzy spirit of late 70s art punks like The Screamers and Devo has again reared its alienated head and nowhere has this synth-punk renaissance bared its yellow teeth greater than down under, from gothic electro-pop courtesy of Nun, Total Control’s strung-out druggy post-punk, and the litany of mutants on weirdo Sydney label, Warttmann Inc.

Reaching its hand in and wrestling for control, Bristol’s 1% of One has pulled out of the Melbourne bag bizarro glam quintet U-Bahn, who by their own admission describe their synth-soaked signal hijack as ‘‘nostalgia for futures that never came to pass; suburban boredom and sexual dystopias’’. Cramming prog jams, musique concrète and alien grooves into their self-titled debut album, their tales of twisted sex and macho subversion, coupled with their strikingly eccentric live sets, has won them an army of fans including one meat-necked former Black Flag singer.

Boasting a reputation as Bristol’s premier venue for hosting fringe acts, The Old England is the perfect spot to witness a band fast becoming one of the key faces of the Australian music scene. Please bring alien sunglasses and whatever PPE you see fit.

See the video for ‘Beta Boyz’ here: