9th October | The Louisiana

Ulrika Spacek have never been the most typical of bands, whether purposeful or not. Since dreaming up the notion of the group in Berlin, the five piece have together put into unforced practice an interdependent, communicable process that through their two records, especially their latest Modern English Decoration, crafts a reciprocative intentness. An undeniable hospitality is drawn from their lucid, composed interpretations, an interactive balance that shows the initiative they possess as a five-piece, their manner of performance and composition wholly directed by their fluidity as a group.

Modern English Decoration has further actualised their intentions to birth a whole-hearted nucleus from which their music can prolifically proceed, something tangible that may not be exhibited in any better way than in their live performance. Being able to preview their inclusive form in an open environment, as much as the group enjoy the focus of a decisive arrangement, is an exciting prospect – the definition and clarity of their music ringing within the intimate halls of the Louisiana could mirror the harmonious intricacies of their recordings in a free-flowing form. It will also be intriguing to see how the group meld between the choice cuts of both records, imagining a definitive atmosphere running throughout would not be a misinterpreted impulse.

Tickets here. listen to ‘Mimi Pretend’ below.