Comprised of indie rock veterans Jack Cooper from Mazes and James Hoare of Veronica Falls, London based duo Ultimate Painting have a propensity for crafting easy-going and infectious guitar fuelled indie-pop.Their sound has always had a hazy, nostalgic edge to it and on Dusk, their recently released third album, this element feels amplified as the pair seamlessly weaves Americana tinged riffs alongside nonchalant vocals.

There is a great economy to Ultimate Painting’s musical composition in the arrangements and instrumental line-up as Cooper and Hoare merge their sounds with a seeming effortlessness. The tracks rarely last long but they have a tendency to linger with a graceful detachedness after the music has played out and it is this kind of dreamy wistfulness that is sure to provide an entrancing live show.

Ultimate Painting play The Exchange on 5th October. Listen to ‘Bills’ below.