Open Call for Dancers for New Ed Sheeran Video Set on...

Bristolians are invited to tweet videos showing off their best moves, using the hashtag #SheerTalent .

Love Saves The Day 2014 | Preview

Team Love seem to keep all types of raver in favour.

Friendly Records Interview

Opening any kind of independent business at the moment is tough, let alone a record shop


Coming soon.

Sylvester | Live Review

Eno-inspired solo artist Micro-DeForm is most-likely an amazing, trance-inducing experience for your ears when listened to alone in your bedroom, at 1am, with your...

Bristol’s Yard Arms

Bristol-based transatlantic duo, Yard Arms, are a jangly powerhouse, with their debut offering, 'Idea of Me & You', recalling The Pains of Being Pure...

Think Twice Before Knocking Commercial Music

So the next time you think to knock something you find a bit naff — just think about the positive impact it could well be having.

Gigs of the Week: 20th – 26th July

Every Thursday, we’ll be picking out the best gigs to look forward to for the coming week.

Austere – Casserole of Nonsense | Album Review

Released: 1st april When I think casserole (and I do on a regular basis), I think of  lots of varied ingredients, brought together, and given...

Vote For Pedro – Why Band Competitions Don’t Work

When hiring builders to build a house, you wouldn’t expect to vote on which builder should lay the bricks; you’d expect the brick layers...