Politics & Guitars – Why Music Doesn’t Stick It To The...

Once upon a time, musicians used to bring people together to protest, to take a socially conscious stance and ultimately try and change the...

Farmfestival announce The Sett line-up

Our own Idles, Goan Dogs, Candy Darling and New Palace Talkies will be taking to the stage


"Somewhere in the space between the Arctic Monkeys and Muse, you have Nishe", says Becky Jones of Groove Armada.

Playlist | Aadae

As summer comes to a close and we cosy down for Autumn, Afrobeat inspired pop artist Aadae has curated the perfect playlist to keep you warm in those winter nights.

Sylvester | Live Review

Eno-inspired solo artist Micro-DeForm is most-likely an amazing, trance-inducing experience for your ears when listened to alone in your bedroom, at 1am, with your...

The Louisiana has had a makeover

We chat to venue manager and head booker Mig Schillace about the venue's new look

Think Twice Before Knocking Commercial Music

So the next time you think to knock something you find a bit naff — just think about the positive impact it could well be having.

Love Saves The Day 2014 | Preview

Team Love seem to keep all types of raver in favour.

Friendly Records Interview

Opening any kind of independent business at the moment is tough, let alone a record shop

Gigs of the Week: 20th – 26th July

Every Thursday, we’ll be picking out the best gigs to look forward to for the coming week.



Brasher // Preview


The Chats // Preview