United Ghosts ‘Dear Electric Sun’ | EP Review


United Ghosts read like a recipe for a successful leftfield guitar band; one quirky LA duo, a heaped tablespoon of synthesised noise, a nob of shoegaze and more than a sprinkling of eighties nostalgia. The band have trimmed the fat since last year’s debut and shifted the focus on ‘Dear Electric Sun’, a smoky blend of honeyed vocal cords, loose riffs and crisp synths.

While it is unlikely that the choruses of ‘Mind Flies Blind’ or ‘All My Sisters’ will find their way into your subconscious, the EP as a single experience has a character all its own that invites repeated listens. In the lilt and sway of ‘Shine and Let Shine’ you can picture the sun-dappled pavements of LA; the city’s pervasive spirit in the faux cool of Axel Ray Steurerwald’s vocals. Not to mention the at once cheesy and charming handclap samples and singing reverb guitar sweeps, calling out for beach nights and the purple neon of Santa Monica. And remember those crisp synths? None crisper or synthier than the bolshie ‘Out Of Love’.

EP closer ‘No Tomorrow’ is more intriguing, with the duo exploring acoustics and atmospherics. There’s more than a pinch of Pixies in that guitar melody and a pleasing nod to Bowie in the verse, which all helps to enrich the atmosphere of United Ghosts at their most dream-like.

Check out ‘Mind Flies Blind’ right here: