Tomorrow, London based Not For Profit organisation Urban Development will be running their second workshop at the Engine Shed.

This time the organisation will be partnering with Multi-Track, a Bristol organisation that provides opportunities to those hoping to enter the music business, and will focus on how artists can build a fan base.

The seminar will feature Chris Cooke from CMU:DIY, Carly Heath from Gutterfunk/freelance marketer, Cassie Rowan from Shazam UK and Duncan Harrison from Crack Magazine. They’ll be sharing their knowledge on how to build a fan base and how to grow your social media presence, especially on a limited budget.

Urband Development have had a great 2017, round off with their director Pamela McCormick beingn awarded Campaigner of Year 2017 for this year’s Women In Music Awards. They work to provide music based opportunities to underprivileged creatives, mainly working with young people of a BAME background across the UK, including workshops with BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Urban Development and Multi-Track will be combining again in January for a seminar on the benefits of live and getting a gig, so watch out for that.

Buy tickets for the event on the 14th here