19th October | Thekla

Laetitia Tamko, aka Vagabon, possesses a powerful emotive depth within her music. Infinite Worlds, her debut album released earlier this year on Father/Daughter Records, is an intimate collection of songs that purvey an affecting tenderness that gathers an even greater urgency live.

Opening with a solo Porridge Radio set, Dana Margolin is captivating and unwavering in her delivery of powerfully frank and vulnerable lyricism. Vocally there’s a harsh edge that adds all the more potency to the music. Finishing up with a cover of Lorde’s ‘Loveless’ the emotional vulnerability and ferocity perfectly sets the atmosphere for Vagabon’s fierce fragility.

Taking to the stage, Vagabon warmly invites the unexpectedly sparse audience to edge closer and as the first chords of ‘Cold Apartment’ resound and Tamko’s rich, tender voice spreads through the room there’s an instant, entrancing magic. As Tamko and her band, comprised of Maggie Toth on bass and Elise Okusami on drums, play there’s a kind of communal emotional catharsis as each song opens up a personal narrative, delivered in equal parts of delicate, vulnerable melodies and clattering, frantic punk rhythms eliciting the fluctuation of feeling that the lyrics convey.

Interspersing the set with new material, Vagabon closes with a new song that sees her accompanied solely by an atmospheric backing-track, showing a more synth-heavy sound to the multi-instrumentalist and producer’s repertoire it’s an evocatively soulful ending to a lingeringly affecting set, it’s just a shame there weren’t more people there to witness Vagabon’s spellbinding charm.

Watch our BLM live session with Vagabon below.