January 28th | Cube

Vanishing Twin bring their sophisticated pop to a sold-out Cube Microplex for a night of theatrical atmospheres. Hailing from London, the five-piece blends Stereolab-like influences with Weimar Republic-era aesthetics, which borrow full hands from the artistic and performing experiences of Bauhaus and Cabaret Voltaire (the arts collectives, not the bands).

Listed by Rough Trade among the best albums of 2019, Vanishing Twin’s second album, The Age of Immunology evokes dreamy and spaced-out atmospheres that take life through bubbly, phasing synthesisers and soft Anglo-French vocals. The band’s trademark identity is the brainchild of singer Cathy Lucas who, at the age of twelve, discovered that during her mum’s pregnancy her twin’s foetus was absorbed into the sister’s body. This phenomenon, which takes the name of vanishing twin, influenced Lucas throughout her life, contributing to nurture the idea that her sister’s spirit lives within her. This constant balance of reality and illusion lies at the root of Vanishing Twin’s psychedelic pop.

Cube Microplex’s unique set-up – a wooden theatre stage with red velvet-clad seats – looks like the ideal venue to display Vanishing Twin’s musical and performing potential to its fullest. The venue’s limited cap will make the intimate gig utterly special, meaning that ticket holders are set for what promises to be a remarkable night.

See the video for ‘You Are Not An Island’ here: