Vant // Photoset

12th April | Louisiana

vant have returned from an indefinite hiatus. The phrase ‘indefinite hiatus’ has been bandied about with increasing regularity over the last five years. It can mean anything from ‘We feel like shit,’ to ‘We’re treating each other like shit,’ via ‘They way we feel, we can’t write for shit’ or even, ‘Currently, we just can’t bring ourselves to give a shit.’ Whichever way you look at it, a hiatus is a period of time to get that metaphorical/ existential/ musical shit together.

When vant burst a vessel or two on their debut EP, Karma Seeker and then their debut album, Dumb Blood, they were charged with punkish ire. Their return to the live arena, with eponymous front man Mattie as the continuous presence, came with a distinctly new sound, much more pop/hip-hop-influenced, but still giving the audience the sense of restless and acute observation of this planet that we call ‘Earth’. Callum O’Keefe was there to see the vant renaissance.

Listen to ‘exoskeleton’ here: