Various Artists ‘Showcase Sessions II’ | Compilation Review


One of many compilations knocking around this month, but not for RSD, ‘Showcase Sessions II’ marks the second annual release from students at Bristol’s Access To Music, whose London campus brought us marmite minstrel Ed Sheeran.

Featuring nine acts — Kech, Brett Aland, Jasper Storey and Danielle Celeste, in addition to Sara Vian, Joe Probert, Bobby Walters, Anna Lisa and Isolde — all hailing from one class; it’s all well thought out music with clear individual vision. One of several standouts, Anna Lisa’s ‘Over You’, with its whirring synthwork and quirky harmonies, shows that in-step sounds and honed songcraft are both on the menu in South Bristol.

Check out Danielle Celeste right here: