Various Artists – ‘Showcase Sessions’ | Review


Five acts, one disc — I do like a DIY compilation. Fires, with their blues-meets-synyster guitar style and wry topline, call to memory the likes of QOTSA. Kicking things off well with ‘On My Way’, kudos for sneaking a compound time signature into a powerhouse chorus.

R&B and classic rock come together to create something rather US radio-friendly for Rafaella’s offering. ‘Not Enough’ has great tension and release, highlighted when that wonderful voice is let loose. Things quickly take a more atmospheric, urban turn when possible highlight Lionesque comes around. ‘Give Me A Break’ is one bulletproof track, with its fine production, real lyrics and impeccable delivery.

Madeleine’s piano-led ‘Sweet Revenge’ hides behind nothing, boasting bare instrumentation and gorgeous, soulful vocals. Steeped in reverb, rather 2014. Christina Crosby’s ‘Movin’ On Blues’, makes a convincing case in well-tread territories; her sincerity lends volumes as we close this release. ‘Showcase Sessions’ is launched at The Louisiana, 13th May.

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