Various Artists ‘Walking With Thieves’ | Compilation Review


Bristol’s fastest-rising music conduit, Chiverin, is back to put a mess of new sounds under our collective noses — this time for Record Store Day. Featuring, amongst others, Rhain, New Palace Talkies and Tamu Massif, recent followers of the live outfit and nascent label will have their heads turned already, but in the spirit of RSD, this is a record aimed at discovery.

The compilation’s namesake, Patchwork Guilt’s ‘Walking With Thieves’, stands out as a pleasing slice of dreampop, as does teenage songwriter Fenne Lily’s sombre, Lucy Rose and Daughter-nodding offering, ‘New’.

Ema Sierra’s hypnogogic plucking and non-diatonic chordwork in ‘Pirate’s Ribcage’ evokes a cross section of Radiohead’s dreamier output, reimagined with a bittersweet female wordiness reminiscent of Bristol’s own She Makes War.

Chiverin can do no wrong, but we’ll try not to inflate their egos by saying it too often.

Check out ‘Walking With Thieves’ right here: