Audible1: Stranger ft. Eva Lazarus | Watch The New Video Now

488305_10150992307692374_1757814653_nThis song might feel a little out of place with icy streets and christmas trees. Bristolian musical powerhouse Electric Harmony shed light on Audible1 who is a producer and hitmaker that has collaborated with Eva Lazarus (the front woman for Dub Mafia) for this sun-built anthem.

Industry heavyweights including Jamie Catto of Faithless have already recommended the track which shows it might be the time where Audible1’s songwriting and production ability are finally recognised with the help of this distinctive vocal input. The track is colossal with an unplugged version showcasing the real talent of these two musicians. It’s been available on iTunes since December 17th and it’s sounding like an appropriate snowball effect is happening with the track. It screams Bristol with it’s bass infected production and dub-rooted vocals. Perhaps Christmas just got a tad hotter. |