25th January | Louisiana

There’s a particularly humorous and unintentionally philosophical comment attached to a stream of Plum, the fourth full-length from Los Angeles psych-plunderers Wand. An immediate quip, the anonymous professor states about opener ‘Setting‘, “Cats don’t like this intro a lot.” It’s unquestionably weird, but also distinctively fits into Wand’s enigmatic ideology, defining their loud and primal, yet surprisingly warm, home-spun approach to songwriting. Not to fix the group into a bracket, as they certainly don’t stand just within one, but it makes Wand one of the more creatively expressive psychedelic bands around.

Veering slightly from the pressing idea of Wand’s music putting the fear into local pets in the city, their gig this Thursday at The Louisiana will imaginably put the very notion of loud on a pedestal, whilst still managing not to lose a smidgeon of the subtlety that runs through their excellent music. ‘Plum’, in particular, can veer from one ecstatic emotion to the next without you ever realising where they’re headed. ‘The Trap’, a gorgeously minimal 70s FM song, bares great difference to the heady lurch of ‘Bee Karma’, yet a calm sense of ease runs through it all; the assured spirit of Cory Hanson directs with unfiltered aplomb.

It may be sold out, but do not sleep on a show such as this if the opportunity arises. It may turn out to be one of the highlights of the year – even in January.

Watch the video for their track ‘Plum’ here: