28th August | Louisiana

Wand is a super melancholic mixture of psych, rock and shoegaze. With their album, Laughing Matter out this year there are new zones of psychedelia being explored. Their track ‘Scarecrow’ has a feeling of Thom Yorke on a Radiohead track, mixed in with a wind-chime like scatter of a guitar riff and melody that sends you off into rhythmic cosmic orbit.

Let’s get back down to the real world. Wand have five studio albums under their belt since getting together in 2013. They have been known to have a strong presence on stage that dates back to their early work. When you hear tracks such as ‘The Gift’, from their album Perfume in 2018, they have a genius quality in how the five-piece work together, the soft trickle of lyrics contrasting with the boom of the keyboards.

As you drift away with Wand, you can’t help but think of arriving washed up shore of American alternative psych bands’ albums. The beach is covered in vinyls. Further up on the shore, your eyes clock that there is a Ty Segall album, then one by The Black Angels. As the sun goes down, there is a wiry flap of a Wand album sticking up from the sand, seducing you to pick them up and seek them out. So you do.

See the video for ‘Scarecrow’ here: