Thought Forms – ‘Nine Volt Sessions’ | Watch Video


Bristol’s Thought Forms are set to march across the UK next month, but ahead of this they’ve dropped a hedonistic live session, giving us a reverb soaked taster of what to expect from the shows.

The session is clearly about an overall mood; setting a distant scene with middle-eastern vocals, bongo drums and even the odd flute, these exotic elements inspire the urge for a cup of lapsang souchong. When distorted guitars and heavier drumming come to light, it becomes clear why the guitarist is sporting a Sonic Youth top. Throughout the band are smudged into projections of dizzying visuals, giving off a definite sense of enigma.

Just imagine the spectacle of such a dramatic sound live… well you don’t have to – with tour scheduled to end at The Exchange, you’ll be left ditching your Lapsang for a measure of whisky for sure.

Grab tickets here (14th Oct, Exchange), then Watch Thought Forms’ entire Nine Volt Session right here: