TREBLE is a short, 10-minute documentary created by Florence Pellacani and Laure Noverraz that captures the thoughts and passions of some of the most creative and inspiring people in Bristol music.

It asks a whole host of excellent and insightful local musicians – including Joe Talbot of IDLES, Harry Furniss, Soeur and Kier – what they love about music, what makes them write songs and what music means to them.

Importantly, the documentary also profiles those who work behind the scenes to help acts, including booking agent Rob McGee of Electric Harmony, Thorny creators Kieron Gurner and Jo Bligh, journalist Sammy Maine and Bristol Live Mag editor Loki Lillistone.

The majority of the documentary was shot inside the Louisiana, and was shown for the first time on Sunday as part of the venue’s 30th birthday celebrations.

“We just started it [TREBLE] as we used to talk about music a lot, and were interested in creating something that was going a bit deeper than the other music documentaries,” explained Laure. “We want to know why people ‘waste’ so much time and energy into something that will bring absolutely no money, but is still moving and powerful.”

Insightful, touching and inspiring, TREBLE is well worth setting the time aside for.

Watch below: