After a well-deserved and refreshing break at the end of 2019, our very good friends at Tap The Feed are back. Neither a relaunch nor a rebrand, their brief hiatus came as a chance to pause and take a moment to reflect in this hectic world and on their best way forward in the digital landscape of the 2020s. New people, fresh ideas – they’re very much ready to resume and continue their aim to be a place for people to find new music from those here in Bristol and across the UK.

Founder, leader and all-round lovely chap, Mustafa Mirreh told us, “It’s great to be back and ready to kick-off 2020 with a bang! The brief hiatus was an opportunity for us as a team to recharge our batteries from a busy summer period but also a chance to reflect on our achievements to date and internal processes. With digital marketing moving at such an exceptional rate, as a publisher, it’s important to be up to scratch so that users can get the information they need as quickly as possible — whether from desktop, mobile or otherwise.

“This meant bringing in new people and some fresh ideas to the table so that we’re better equipped and ready to adapt to any changes that come our way. We’re buzzing to get things rolling again and showcase some exciting new content over the coming months to help support the music scene and help everyone discover their next favourite band/artist!”