White Denim | Live Review

White Denim

It’s hard to get excited about the direction they’ve chosen for their live set.

Please don’t read this wrongly. White Denim are an incredibly talented, accomplished band. It would just be nice if they didn’t feel the need to rub it in our faces as much as they did at the Anson Rooms on the 29th. It’s hard to justify the two hour long set when so much of the show was swallowed by over-long jams that meandered around and arrived nowhere, offering little in the way of the excitement, interest or direction suggested on record.

That’s not to say there weren’t runs of magic. Opener ‘Pretty Green’ from clever, danceable, swaggeringly Texan new album Corsicana Lemonade told the undeniable truth early on: White Denim play guitar like double-denim-clad celestial beings. They really truly look like they are absolutely in tune with every part of the band. If the bass player had keeled over dead, there is no doubt that the drummer would have leapt from upstage to take over his deceased bandmate’s charge, all while inexplicably keeping the drums absolutely and compellingly in time. That’s how unerringly exact they are. It’s blindingly obvious, and they really don’t need to force the point by surrendering what could have been a much shorter audience-tailored set into an excessive lesson into when more is most definitely less.

A muscular ‘Distant Relative Salute’ was another rousing moment taken from Corsicana Lemonade, and another clue to what this show could have been if there was more attention paid to structure over showing off how many scales they could do per second. This is a band that could instinctively swing one song right into another on impulse (and they often did), but seemingly never with an end goal in sight. Between them, White Denim possess more talent than you could tip into a ten-gallon hat. However, after a short-sighted show like this, it’s hard to get excited about the direction they’ve chosen for their live set.

Check out ‘At Night In Dreams’ right here: