1st February | SWX

Indie-pop pioneers, White Lies have hit their ten-year mark in 2019. Despite their debut, To Lose My Life having been released a decade ago, they have managed to keep their dramatic high-tempo pop songs fresh. With the release of their latest album FIVE coming up on 1st February, we have their newer material like ‘Time To Give’ and ‘Tokyo’ offering a more experimental edge.

Yet their album release date also coincides with their Bristol show, playing at the O2 Academy. Bringing in a fresh start with new record FIVE, the band recently talked of this record as a milestone record that marks the anniversary of a decade of making music together, but also one that has pushed them to explore new territory artistically. So don’t expect more of the same. This is a fresh departure.

Many intervening albums have struggled to replicate the critical and commercial success of To Lose My Life, but so far FIVE seems like it isn’t being held up against previous works, but regarded, finally, on its own merits. Seven-minute epic ‘Time To Give’ hints towards extravagance, but on 1st February, we will see exactly how well it suits the group and their die-hards. It will be difficult to combine pushing brand-new songs while celebrating 10 years of music but if anyone can do it right, White Lies can.

See the video for ‘Tokyo’ here: