Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick

November 9th | Thekla

Chicago’s Whitney are the personification of the first glimmer of sunlight as you walk home after a reaffirming night of partying, intense conversations and connections with strangers. They’re a sigh of relief, a rush of reassurance and a final push when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and hide away from the world.

Debut album Light Upon The Lake has clear influences of country and indie but it’s the soulful core and vulnerability that really says what Whitney are about. Written during a period of anxiety and uncertainty, it’s hopeful and full of warmth, aiming for a better future but not without learning from the past.

Support comes from Australia’s Julia Jacklin, who’s sincere approach to songwriting is both refreshing and gut-wrenching. Simple structures and candid vocals make the subjects she tackles as relatable as they come, performing with a focused vulnerability that ensures her pop-like rhythms are matched with emotional intensity.

Check out ‘Polly’ below and read our cover interview with Whitney right here.