Why We Love | Live Review & Photoset

5th January | Louisiana

Photos: Josh Jones

Having made their mark with their debut single ‘Patina’ in 2014, Why We Love are back to prove themselves as one of the most upbeat up-and-comers to grace the scene – if they haven’t already made a convincing case, that is, by supporting sold-out shows for the likes of Wolf Alice and Slow Club.

But for starters, we have Bristol rockers Zepher, bringing in the first course from a trio of eclectic acts. Their first song, ‘Oh So Rock and Roll’ serves as a perfect opener with a punky parodic take on the antics of the infamous genre. They twist tales of heartbreak like ‘She Trouble’ and ‘Runaway’ into powerful grungy greats, one of which is sung through a megaphone, adding to their anarchic appeal.

And on comes Why We Love, with singer and guitarist Rachel straightaway inviting the crowd to come a little closer. After ushering forward, they charge into ‘Hit The Ground Running (Away)’, a beach banger that shines a sunny light onto cold January. They command attention with songs that bring the summer months forward. Their onstage chemistry is energetic and playful, with siblings Joe and Rachel trying to engage in a pun before ‘Patina’ and instead leaving it be, and going straight into their debut track. Lyrics like, “We’ve all got skin and all got bones/and all have something we wanted to do and never could,” bring in the type of positivity that we need in 2018.

With ‘Lucky One’ they bring a subtle shade of 60s girl group to begin with, before kicking it into gear in the chorus. Their pauses are adorably awkward, with Rachel frantically scrambling for things to talk about when brother Joe is tuning or finding his finger plectrums in his wallet. At one point, he’s attempting to talk about the Liverpool vs Everton match, even encouraging the others to play a solo. Their latest release, ‘All Good Things Must Drown’ is the undeniable highlight, filled with sun-soaked strings and saccharine coos. Their most recent track offers the best reflection of them as a band, fiercely forging forward with happy sounds and contrasting lyrics.

This is, no doubt, a night to remember. Something to note about every band is the sense of community that Bristol musicians share, which is emphasised tonight especially, from the collaborative secret set, courtesy of Glenn Chilli, to Zepher being cheered on by the main act. It is difficult to find fault from a lively night showcasing the best Bristol has to offer. Why We Love provide a uniquely bright outlook on life, with a light-hearted commentary to boot. Who doesn’t need that on a Friday night?

Watch Why We Love’s debut track, ‘Patina’ here: