13th September | Louisiana

Will Joseph Cook is back with his new single ‘Hey Brother’ and it’s about time too. Despite releasing catchy summer tunes since 2015, it was his 2017 album Sweet Dreamer that captured radio, public and celebrity attention. I mean, can you really get a bigger musical stamp of approval than Jack Steadman praising your work? Or HONNE remixing your hit ‘Beach – I Wanna Make You Mine’ into a summer anthem?

Like the rest of the indie population, I too discovered Will Joseph Cook in 2017 when I was in my final year of university. One of my best friends messaged me amidst my third-year freak out with the message “Listen to this, it’s going to be the album of the summer” and it turns out she was right. Sweet Dreamer became the soundtrack to my confusingly brilliant post-uni summer. If someone made a film of my life ‘Girls Like Me’, ‘Biggest Fan’ and ‘Habit’ would accompany an overly dramatic montage of 21-year-old me moving to Bristol, getting over a break-up and ending up in random, compromising situations.

Ever since Sweet Dreamer’s release I’ve waited and waited for new music. Thank the lord it’s finally arrived, along with a tour that stops off in the city that very defines his music for me. I’m hoping his gig will be a nostalgic pop trip down memory lane, reigniting that excitement I first felt moving to Bristol but with a more grown-up, settled edge. Bristol is now my home so let’s see if Will Joseph Cook’s new music can continue to represent that.

See the video for ‘Hey Brother’ here: