Wolf Alice | Interview


We’ve been doing alright but we’re looking forward to being a proper band now.

2015 is the year when it all kicks off for Wolf Alice, they’re soon to head out on their biggest tour of America, then a few dates alongside Alt-J, followed by their very own headline tour of the UK. Oh, and at the end of that a debut album should be arriving. I caught up with guitarist Joff to discuss these hectic times. 

There’s a lot in the pipeline over the next few months, anything you’re most excited about?

Yeah I know, there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up! Obviously we’re releasing our album sometime this year which is going to be super-cool, but from Friday we go on tour indefinitely. It’s kind of hard to say any one thing really, but we’re going on our first big tour of America in a few weeks, so that’s a bit of a dream.

It seems crazy that you’re already touring America at this stage of your career?

Well yeah we kind of paced it slow I guess, because we really wanted the right build-up going into the first album as opposed to giving it just a couple schools of thought. I think we really wanted to come in and make the first album as statement of intent.

There’s often a lot of pressure on bands to deliver a debut album, but you seem to have gone at your own pace, somewhat collecting a balance of styles…

Yeah definitely, it’s kind of what we enjoy listening to and stuff. You can still have elements of left-field kind of craziness and things can still be colourful and a bit whacky, while being something else at the same time, I don’t think we tried to work with exclusive kind of themes.

It’s been your intention to hit the studio since last festival season, did things go to plan?

Well we’re actually in the studio at the moment listening to mixes. It’s nice to have a proper big period of time, because when you do an album or a bigger body of work, you’re not under as much pressure. Usually when you’ve got a single to record, you’ve got two days to record it and it’s got to be great, so if inspiration doesn’t strike then you’re not getting the right sound. With the album, time is at our disposal and it’s a bit more free-flow.

The previous two EPs have both been quite diverse in sound, will the new album bring anything new to the table?

I think there’s certain sides in the album that we haven’t shown yet, there’re definitely elements of rock guitar stuff that people might know us better for, but there are also some quieter moments, and pop moments, so there’s a plethora of ideas but it’s definitely Wolf Alice. The stuff on the album is the best stuff we’ve done so far, we’ve had to cut a lot of stuff and say goodbye to a lot of songs, so we’d like to think this is the best stuff.

The stuff on the album is the best stuff we’ve done so far.

Debut albums do push bands to a new level, I bet you’re just looking forward to getting it out there now…

Yeah, it’s hard to progress until you’ve done it as well. It kind of means that we can step-up our operation, we’ve been doing alright for not having one out, but we’re looking forward to being a proper band now. I don’t think bands are considered proper until there is an album there, so we’ll be able to ramp up the live shows and play bigger places.

There’s already loads of talk online about the album, is that quite flattering?

Yeah, online has always been really good to us for some reason or another, like bloggers and social media sites. I have noticed more recently that people are like… ‘alright where’s the album now?’, so we do have to say look it is coming now, relax everyone, everything is going to be okay.

Beyond the tour across the pond, you’re coming back to the UK, will any new tracks appear then?

Yeah, fingers crossed. We want to give people a taste of what will be on the record, but at the same time we’re not going to reveal it all at once. There will be plenty of stuff on the album that will be unheard, whether you’ve been to the live show or not.

The venues that you’re playing on that tour are just increasing in size all the time, you’ll be playing Trinity in Bristol…

We’ve had some really great experiences in Bristol. We played Dot To Dot a couple of years in a row. We’ve played the Louisiana and Thekla and have always had a great time there, it’s such a great city and they’re really unique venues. It’s super cool, I haven’t been to Trinity yet but I know it’s a church and have heard it’s a great place.

You got really stuck into festival season last year, did you notice a bigger audience off the back of that?

Festivals are really good opportunities to go and play to people that haven’t heard you before, you can kind of steal the wandering festival-goers which is cool so definitely yeah, festival season definitely broadened our audience and hopefully we’ll be able to get stuck into it this year.

So lastly, any tips on who you’d like to support your next UK tour?

There are a lot of strong new bands in London, bands like Dingus Khan who supported us before at Heaven, it’s like watching a carnival on LSD or speed or something. A band called Crows from London, like dark punk from London, Bloody Knees are another great punk band. So plenty for consideration.

Check out ‘Bros’ right here: