Wolf Alice ‘My Love Is Cool’ | Album Review


It’s weird to think that Wolf Alice have only just gotten around to releasing their debut full-length. From memory lane soundtrackers ‘Bros’ and ‘Fluffy’, to stonking recent offering ‘Giant Peach’ you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been handed a best of. But new tracks ‘Turn To Dust’ and ‘Your Love’s Whore’ give this band even more context. They’re in no hurry to impress; just casually graceful. Ellie Rowsell’s divine voice haunts the record throughout, above that trademark, gutsy instrumentation.

“We’ve been doing alright, but we’re ready to become a proper band now”, they said earlier in the year. True that. This is everything you want from a first album; it’s slick and well-honed but still youthful.

Check out ‘Bros’ right here: