The Wytches Review + Photoset

5th November | Thekla | Photos by Hannah Broughton

The Wytches arrive in Bristol on bonfire night to play their sell-out show at Thekla, but did anyone tell them Halloween was last weekend?

The Brighton based trio are no strangers to Bristol, having sold-out the Louisiana last year – so it is no surprise to see the venue packed out before lead singer Kirsten Bell and the rest of the band manoeuvred on stage. Opening with ‘C-Side’ from their latest album All Your Happy Life the crowd instantly go wild hurling themselves into a mosh pit from Bell’s growling vocals.

Despite their dark and melodic nature, tonight’s show brings in quite the audience of all ages, many sporting The Wytches’ merchandise – the pun out of it, the band really have got quite the loyal coven.

Focusing heavily on their second album; tracks like ‘Ghost House’ and ‘Can’t Face It’ are instant winners with the audience and the group rev up their psychedelic grunge sound – clearly exploring more intense, heavier riffage.  A truly top heavy setlist, the spotlight on the newest tracks implies the band show no signs of stripping back.

During slower tracks like ‘Robe for Juda’ fans move themselves into a big circle waiting eerily for the heavier riffs to kick in before throwing themselves into a frenzy – bouncing back from wall-to-wall. Admittedly I place myself near the bar, the perfect spot to watch drunken youths surf the crowd but far enough not to get my pint knocked over. It was refreshing seeing a crowd go so mental for the band and not getting stopped by security – screaming fans even run on stage, and at one point the lead singer’s microphone got thrown into the crowd – Thekla sure was the boat that rocked.

The Wytches had sparks flying throughout the boat – no i’m not talking about the fireworks outside but their electric energy which left every single person leaving the venue feeling drained and in a definite need for a shower. They sure left Bristol with a bang!

Check out the video for ‘C-Side’ below.