Y CVn ‘Seducted’ | Album Review


To encapsulate the entirety of Y CVn’s amorphous debut album is a tall order. The Yeasayer-harking vocal modulation, Death From Above swagger and Talking Heads dada-isms of lead track ‘Doom Soirée’ were more than enough to light my urge to see how just far the rabbit hole goes; yet even after multiple spins, the arpeggiating ‘Balmoral’s Wake’, relentless ‘La Superba’ and Presets/The Knife-dueling ‘Relay’ fight still to redefine your favourite in a sea of roomy drums and analogue synths.

‘Seducted’ is typified by the melding of organic and synthetic sounds with a nonchalant, garage band flare — and with a full-length album as their debut release, they’ve set a powerful tone indeed.

Check out ‘La Superba’ right here: