Yungblud // Photoset

19th November | O2 Academy

‘Dominic Harrison’ may not be a name to immediately set the pulse racing, but utter ‘Yungblud‘ within range of one of the many devotees that packed out the O2 Academy, and you may well make them pass out. Not only did the room swelter with anticipation and perspiration, but many of fans were moved to hyperventilate by the excitement that Yungblud whipped up. Looking like a cross between Placebo’s Brian Molko and Edward Scissorhands, everything worked, from his movements to his musicianship.

The tour de force came halfway through the set, when the band left the stage, the lights went down and the audience were left wondering what was happening.Confusion seemed rife, not resolved by the wailing of some siren or other. A spotlight illuminated a spot at the side, which suddenly revealed security guards pushing through the crowd with Yungblud disguised in a hoodie as he walked to the centre of the crowd to perform ‘Kill Somebody’ surrounded by people who didn’t expect to get that close. With ‘Hope for the Underrated Youth’ as part of his encore, Yungblud certainly gives us faith in the power and the glory of being young and having attitude.

See the video for ‘Parents’ here: