Zun Zun Egui | Preview

zun zun egui

To define Bristol’s own Zun Zun Egui would be near impossible; instead, let’s say their sound is colourful — full of potent energy. Indeed, you only need to gaze upon their album artwork to be bowled over at its vibrancy, so it’s no surprise this translates to the demented harmonies that lie inside.

This April sees Zun Zun Egui play — a venue which struggled to contain two exhausting live shows from vocalist Kushal Gaya’s jazz fusion side project, Melt Yourself Down, last year, and boasts a regular array of psychedelic avant-rock bands, previously including Acid Mothers Temple and Psychic Ills. We can only hope that this show means another joyous album is in the works, following on from 2011’s critically lauded ‘Katang’.

So come on down to the Exchange this Easter if you fancy an evening full of mind-blowing post-pop — you know you want to.

Check out the amazing ‘Fandango Fresh’ right here: