Hello, Dot To Dot and greetings, Love Saves The Day. Plenty of indoor fun to be had as well, but let’s all enjoy exposing our pasty pins to the elements. Say yes to the fest. Choose shorts. Here are our Gigs of the Week:

Thursday 23rd May

Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding – Trinity

With artistry that draws upon visuals, tunes, words and the inherent imagery created by tunes and words, you can certainly see how Aldous Harding saw fit to call her most recent release Designer. Enjoy indie-folk that opens the doors of perception between the natural and supernatural. More here…

Homeshake + DJ Taye + Lazarus Kane – Fiddlers

Synth music can sound like anything on a continuum from crisply teutonic to ethereally ambient. Homeshake sits somewhere in the middle of that continuum, whilst sometimes going off at right angles, with shards of his indie/psych/lo-fi past in Mac DeMarco’s band. More here…

Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington – O2 Academy

Long gone are the days when people took the piss out of jazz, like John Thomson’s portrayal of Louis ‘Niiiice’ Balfour on The Fast Show, and lines like, “This don’t need no tune, this is jazz.” It’s behemoths like Kamasi Washington that have taken the genre to new places, in terms of content and audience. More here…

Friday 24th May

Big Thief

Big Thief + Crake – SWX

There’s a potential disconnect between the freedom of creating music and the inherent artificiality of touring (hotels, buses, schedules, stage lights, set lists, encores). The gorgeous thing about Big Thief is that they can transcend all that and still make gigs feel immersive and natural. More here… 

Saturday 25th May

Jordan Rakei

Dot To Dot – Various Venues, City-wide

Naturally, we recommend that you take permanent residence at the Bristol in Stereo stage at The Louisiana, but recognising that it’s still a free country (just about), you may wish to venture elsewhere to see the likes of Crystal FightersJordan RakeiDream Wife, Viagra Boys, The Orielles and Wasuremono. More here…

Love Saves The Day – Eastville Park (continues Sunday 26th)

All you need is love (and food… and air… I suppose clothes are difficult to ignore… to be fair, a bit of cash is generally useful). Anyway, this weekend, if it’s park life you’re after, all you need is Love Saves The Day, with the likes of Maribou StateJimothy LacosteIAMDDBRay Blk and Javeon. More here…

Monday 27th May


Honeyblood – Rough Trade

First Glasgow’s Honeyblood were a duo, then a solo venture for singer, guitarist and songwriter Stina Tweedale following the departure of drummer Cat Myers, and now they’ve been touring with a new live band. Catch Stina playing tracks from the new album, In Plain Sight, in one of her intimate, solo in-store dates. More here…

Vistas – Crofters Rights

If you’ve seen acts like Circa Waves or Marsicans recently, and you’ve made that effort to support the support, you may well have seen Edinburgh indie-rockers, Vistas. If you’re not on board, then it’s time to get into the Vistas vanguard and enjoy their soaring choruses at Crofters. More here…

Tuesday 28th May


Stanlæy + Alfi – Wardrobe Theatre

The cliché of ‘thinking outside the box’ assumes by logic that thinking is rather regular and enclosed. The sonic world of Stanlæy is as appealingly abstract and non-geometric as beautiful music can get. Support your local artist as she launches her album, The Human Project on Tuesday night. More here…

Petrol Girls – Rough Trade

London-based Petrol Girls ignited onto the scene in the turbulent, riotous year of 2012. They’ve been burning brightly since, yet despite the CO2-unfriendly fuel in their name, they have been much better for the British environment. Not only do they have something to say but they also know just how to say it. More here…

Chris Cohen + Katy J Pearson – Louisiana

Lo-fi with high intensity, Chris Cohen promises an evening of self-reflection at The Louisiana, with tracks from his self-titled recent album that examine identity, family and openness. If it’s personal, emotive and therapeutic that gets you going, vote Cohen. More here…

Wednesday 29th May


Spinn + Sugarthief + Stay Lunar – Louisiana

For a second, you might not be sure if you’re in 2019 or 1989, or whether you’re in austerity Britain Bristol, or baggy ‘mad for it’ Manchester. To be fair, you’re unlikely to care, as the radiant jangle of Scouse melon-twisters, Spinn makes you want to dance likes no-one’s watching (or controlling your limbs). More here…


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