Farmfest 2019 // Preview

I love farms. I love festivals. Throw them together in a luscious, not-so-far-away Somerset field and what do you get? The bubbling gathering that...

Barn On The Farm 10th Anniversary // Preview

Barn On The Farm turns 10 this year and it’s already sold out in advance.
Blue Aeroplanes

The Blue Aeroplanes // Live Review

"One thing you cannot fault this band on is their infectious energy and colourful presence." Sean Toohey reviews The Blue Aeroplanes at The Fleece.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week // 20th-26th June

Much like gauntlets, your sister’s jeans, and big noses, Gigs of the Week has been passed down to a new, unsuspecting fool. Let’s go.

Stereolab // Live Review & Photoset

Stereolab "never really needed a swaggering hit because they had sophisticated pop writing skills." Lorenzo Ottone and Kristina Kimlickova review.
Hackney Colliery

Hackney Colliery Band // Live Review

"The golden hue of their brass instruments offered a little glow in what had been a very un-summery week." Kessie Bartlett reviews Hackney Colliery Band.
Swimming Girls

Swimming Girls // Live Review & Photoset

"Most of the songs are still poppy and stripped with neon, some are brooding with leather and heavy eyeliner." Swimming Girls reviewed by Albert Testani.
Blue Aeroplanes

The Blue Aeroplanes // Preview

Sean Toohey looks forward to "the layered and multifaceted world of The Blue Aeroplanes" at The Fleece on Sunday night, as they warm up for Glastonbury.
Amalgam Shapes

Amalgam Shapes // Photoset

"Artists on one night whose work you'd be delighted to pay and travel to see on an individual basis." Amalgam Shapes - Photoset by Kristina Kimlickova.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week // 13th-19th June

We may be almost six months into 2019, but you have every reason to feel 'glass half full' with our latest Gigs of the Week selection.