March 15th | Louisiana

Sløtface, formerly known on paper, but still pronounced ‘Slutface’, are a Norwegian pop-punk band who take inspiration from the original punk DIY attitude and activism, while updating their approach to a modern agenda.

With the release of Sorry for the Late Reply in January, Sløtface have replaced some of their nostalgic references with political activism and personal reflection. Although, in these interesting times, even personal reflection is tinged with political reckoning. With American parents, but growing up in Norway, vocalist, Haley Shea, sings on ‘Passport’ of the issues and tensions that come with being both an American expat and “American.”

Their 2017 album Try Not to Freak Out referenced High Fidelity‘s fictitious band, Sonic Death Monkey, in the song ‘Empire Records’, and evoked the feminism of Patti Smith in ‘Magazine’, rallying you to the cause while edged with a youthful humour. However, what’s become exciting about this band involves what has come to fruition on their latest release, when you strip away the pop-culture references and hear their ambitions realized.

It’s inevitable that their rebellious, punk foundation drove the band to take their music and message to the forefront of activism. It’s music of catharsis and of action. It’s what keeps us going. Sløtface won’t let you down.

See the video for ‘Stuff’ here: