HEIST OR HIT | October 30th

Those Tungz chaps are inquisitive fellows. If the EP’s title and the titles of two tracks (‘What For?’ and ‘Can’t We Just Be Friends Again?’) aren’t enough of a clue, you just have to tap into their various lyrics and you’ll find them riddled with interrogatives. Similarly, when you hear, “My mind’s a cigarette. It never gets a rest,” during the second track, ‘Somebody To Get Shy With’ (feat. Bad Sounds), you’ll be feigning surprise at that revelation for approximately no time whatsoever. Why Do Anything? is six tracks of philosophical fidget funk.

They begin their current EP in meditative mood, trying to stop over-thinking things and loosen up a stodgy brain. By track two, they’re showing that fragility and vulnerability caused by having one particular person on your mind. Track three, ‘Can’t We Just Be Friends Again?’ seems to veer into more disputed territories of the friend zone, where “Things just get a little swirly and confusing sometimes.”

By the time track four ‘Go Out’ plays out, you can’t be sure whether the voice singing ‘go out’ wants to leave the house, wants the addressee to leave the house, or neither of the above. The fifth track, ‘Touch’ is fraught with uncertainties, augmented by suitably restless drums. Their final offering, ‘Emotional’, delivers a concluding enigmatic flourish. It juxtaposes the line, “You put so much feeling in everything you play,” with “I liked you better when you were someone I didn’t know.”

Singer and guitarist, Jamie Maier told us in an interview back in March, “We’ve got a lot of emotions, but because we’re from such an insincere generation, we find it hard to express them.” Almost eight months on, and after a thorough lockdown, Tungz sound a little more reflective and introspective, “Why Do Anything?” being a perfectly reasonable question for 2020. It’s been a curious year. At least with Tungz in your speakers, you can take inspiration from the 1980s Fraggle Rock manifesto and ‘dance your cares away.’

Listen to ‘Somebody To Get Shy With’ (feat. Bad Sounds) here:

Featured image by Cameron Nicoll.