Lynks Afrikka

Lynks Afrikka // Live Review & Photoset

"Fun was firmly on the agenda, Lynks effortlessly working the crowd into a giddy euphoria." Tom Phelan and Laure Noverraz review Lynks Afrikka.

Frank & Beans // Photoset

"The looped reverb of Milo Dunn-Clarke's guitar... felt like a delicate ritual of preparation before the next punk onslaught." Photos by Luke Macpherson.
Football FC

Football FC // Live Review & Photoset

"Every element of the band’s sound has a raw feel to it, even the keyboard." Elliott Simpson and Luke Macpherson review Football FC at The Old England.

2019 In Photos – Part 4 – Oct-Dec

We give you the images from the peak of autumn touring season, when it's lighter and warmer in a gig than it is outside - 2019 In Photos - Part 4.

2019 In Photos – Part 3 – June-Sept

Welcome to Part 3 of our 2019 In Photos gallery of all the shows we've sent photographers tothis year, celebrating their eye for a telling still frame.

2019 In Photos – Part 2 – April-May

Part 2 of 2019 In Photos - celebrating the past year by celebrating our splendid team of photographers here at Bristol In Stereo.

2019 in Photos – Part 1 – Jan-March

At the end of each year, we like to celebrate the sights of Bristol's live music scene, as well as the sounds. Here's Part 1 (of 4) of 2019 In Photos.
Steve Mason

Steve Mason // Live Review & Photoset

“'If you’ve ever wondered what you can get in B&Q for £24, it’s this.”' To what was Steve Mason referring? Elliott Simpson reveals.

The Chats // Live Review & Photoset

"The band never take themselves too seriously, prioritising having a good time above everything else." Elliott Simpson and Craig Simmonds review The Chats.
Milo Gore

Milo Gore // Photoset

On their How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living? tour, Falmouth's Milo Gore stopped off at a sold-out Mothers Ruin. Photoset by Jonny Nolan.